About The Art of Circling

Andréa Bendewald, Founder, The Art of Circling

Andréa has been leading women's self empowerment, monthly moon circles and celebration circles since 2004. Hundreds of women, from all walks of life have found their way to Andréa's circles and many have experienced radical transformations in both their personal and professional lives. She uses The Art of Circling to create a deeper relationship to the authentic self, build community and support, and experience a sense of oneness that strengthens the human spirit.

Andréa is a Way of Council Facilitator, certified through the Ojai Foundation in Ojai, California. She offers Way of Council circles to elementary schools, professional organizations and for personal enlightenment.

Note from Andréa:

I created The Art of Circling as part of a cultural movement that is restoring our need for connectivity and community.  Circle practices deepening our intuition and help to create a more utopian society. Circling brings us back together in the most basic and constructive way, we sit in a circle, where everyone is equal, everything is balanced, and from there we exchange the simplest of truths, that which is in our hearts.

I especially wanted to create a space for women to feel whole, seen, honored and heard. I felt that as women we were out of touch with our most feminine of gifts,  and that is our intuition. We are getting lost in the mainstream culture of commercialism, competition and false representation of what it means to be a strong female, Circling brings us back to our true nature, anchoring us in a whole new consciousness of support and connectedness. That is what I found women needed, and Circling fulfilled that need. I designed a year long series of circles for women to build an ongoing group who are interested in changing the world together and developing a new culture of sharing, collaboration, support and tenderness. There is a strong need for us toevolve out of the masculine mind set of competition, pettiness, and not enough-ness, and return to the most powerful state of our true identiy: that of being an almighty creator of all things.