Benefits of Circling

There is a study now saying that instead of "fight or flight" being the conditioned response amongst all people that women are more prone to and benefit from "tend and befriend". Circling became an exercise is "tend and befriend". The Women's Movement is pioneering again into a deeper more feminine way of being. These times we are craving sisterhood, partnership, co-creation, collaboration, family and togetherness. We are recognizing that it is within the mindset of separation that we are suffering. We are not meant to feel like, "I have to do it all on my own." Circling was saving lives in the most profound way. The more circles being held, the better women were feeling, performing and balancing their lives with grace, dignity and strength.

Leading monthly circles and private celebration circles became MY SPIRITUAL CENTER. It was a place for everyone to hear themselves, experience their true voice, with fear and without judgment. Circles took on their own identities, being formed by all this radical honesty, heart and sharing.

Byron Katie once said to me, "When you know yourself, you can never meet a stranger." So in the circle without agenda, or social status, with all personas stripped away, we sit and meet to share of our spirits and refuel on who it is we truly are in this world: whole, lovable, brilliant beings of light. The energy in the circle became on of the warriors! It's time to raise our own game and become the ones we've been waiting for. The goal here is to "Wake up  to ourselves, realizing there is no competition in becoming YOU." We are here to bless and support each other, feed each other power and evolve! In this Circle you are encouraged to take a stand for YOURSELF, to show up for YOURSELF and to align with your highest potential.

Through sharing ourselves and our stories we feel less alone, less weird and collectively we can begin to do what we are being called to do. Evolve, lead, and restore.