I help actors prepare for auditions so they feel confident and on top of their best game. I also work with actors once they get the job. We work on the script and I support them in making the best choices possible to deliver work they are proud of.



I have been a professional actress for twenty-plus years and have worked in over thirty-five films and television shows.

Becoming a coach has been a natural progression in my career.

I have always been drawn to collaboration, teaching and supporting other actors, whether it was learning how to act in front of the camera, study character arcs or find the funny moment in a comedy. I bring my love for the craft of acting and my love for supporting actors to my coaching technique.

I coach out of my home office and in my circle studio. If an actor can’t make it to me, or if they are on the set, we coach via Ichat.

If you are interested in scheduling a coaching session or have general questions about my coaching service please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.