Circling is one of the foundational pillars of my spiritual practice. The experience of sacred reflection coupled with focused intension while in the ritual of circling has created profound forward movement in my life's purpose and relationships.  
I celebrate and honor every significant rite of passage through circling including baby blessings for my children and birthdays and showers for loved ones.  Circling really holds the space for the transitional nature of life's grand milestones. 
I have developed amazing relationships with my circle sisters. I am so grateful for the village I am now a part of since beginning circling. 
Andrea's deep wisdom, compassion and acceptance facilitates the greatest good and highest path of each participant and every circle. Circling with her is a gift!

Thank you so much for including me in your circle.  I have had so many moments of felling isolated and alone through my journey as a mother.    I was energized and inspired by all the beautiful women at your circle the other night.   There were many things said that touched me personally and made me feel understood.   You created an environment where I was safe to feel comfortable and calm and I felt welcomed and free of judgment. I hope to spend more time in your circles as it seems, they become addictive. Big kiss to you.                                                                          -NB

My life was so supported and propelled forward by the incredible birthday circle Andrea facilitated for my 30 something’th Piscean milestone, that I eagerly joined her monthly Full Moon circle gathering in her powerful teepee. I have had a more layered and conscious experience of these months than any before and it shows in my spirit! MORE PLEASE!
                                            -Meredith Scott Lynn - Actress/Producer/CEO WriteBrain Books Los Angeles

Stepping into the tipi and being led by Andrea in one of her circles is truly a magical experience. I have laughed, cried, felt deeply inspired and am always left with a sense of renewal.  I am so grateful to be a part of her women's circle and to experience the depth of thought and intention that she brings to each of our gatherings. She is a gift!        -Kim Campbell, Psychotherapist & Yoga Teacher

Andrea is truly a gifted woman! The tipi is not only magical but the experience she creates is something that is so very rare and beautiful. Truly a way to connect, grow, celebrate, create and feel the love in our lives.  If you want to honor yourself and those close to you then circling with Andrea is your answer.                                                   -Julie-Anne Lee Kinney, CEC - Life and Professional Coach

Andrea guides so clearly, so lovingly, and with such insight as you circle. She helps to create a grounded space for your spirit to express itself and heal. Being in the tipi with her has helped set my spirit free...                                                                                                          -Michelle Perone, Visual Artist