Andrea Bendewald: professional actress, credentialed circle facilitator, acting coach, teacher, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend. I live my life with the conscious awareness that everything and everyone are connected, only all of the time. This way of life I refer to as The Art of Circling.

Becoming a coach has been a natural progression in my career.

Photo by jcamilobernal/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by jcamilobernal/iStock / Getty Images

I have been a professional actress for twenty-plus years and have worked in over thirty-five films and television shows. I have always been drawn to collaboration, teaching and supporting other actors, whether it was learning how to act in front of the camera, study character arcs or find the funny moment in a comedy.

Through the non-material lens of The Art of Circling acting is seen as a pure and sacred practice.  It is my belief that acting is a spiritual art form, which pertains to the divine Laws of the Universe.  With that in mind, I coach actors using core strategies from my circle method. Once self-awareness is established, self-empowerment and mastery of the craft easily achieved.

I coach numerous, notable and working actors at the height of their careers, helping them reach their best possible potential with audition material so that they go into the room confident, relaxed and ready to play the part.