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Circles are a place to experience the profundity of humanity, to connect to the mysteries and beauty within every heart. Simply by sitting in a circle, sharing your truth and being witnessed by your peers, can provide a radical transformation in your life. When we sit in a circle, we are unplugged from our screens which allows connection to one another in a meaningful way. We get to create a utopian moment. 

There is a wisdom greater than ourselves that is revealed. The circle speaks and reminds us that all things and all people are connected. Given the opportunity to hear someone else's story, we realize that we are not alone with our questions, struggles or triumphs. The false assumption that we all carry - that we are so different or so flawed -simply melts away into the center of the circle. Empathy, compassion, and connection blossom in a circle. 

Circling enhances our intuition as we get to listen to our authentic inner voice. As we practice deeper listening to our inner guidance system, our awareness and ability to “read signs” expands. We become more self-aware. We get to know ourselves and experience an increase in self-esteem, self-empowerment, and overall expansiveness. We become centered in self and practice courage as we learn to speak more confidently with others. Circles are a place to remember who you truly are. Simply by being witnessed, held and supported, radical transformation is possible.