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The Art of Circling invites you to 'Reinvigorate & Reclaim Your Dreams' at the second Virtual Women's Retreat

Designed by a council of international entrepreneurs, seekers and healers, this retreat on Sunday, September 19, 2021, will reignite your passion, reveal your soul's calling, and support your wildest dreams!

I have invited the most powerful healers and leaders I know to gather for one day for our personal and collective healing.

Julie-Anne Lee, Terra Naomi, Alicia "ACE" Easter, and Kari Lauritzen have INSPIRED my life both personally and professionally. I'm honored to share the tools and practices that I have experienced through circling and these beautiful facilitators with you.

From the comfort of your own sacred space, you will experience:

  • Women Healing the Dream Circle
  • I am love: Yoga, Breath, and Movement from the Heart
  • Breathe Into Sound
  • Discard Your Blocks and Ignite Your Dreams
  • Nutritional Mindset


Years ago, I sat in a full moon circle with my best friends and we DARED to dream out loud what we wanted in this lifetime. Dreams are sacred and sometimes hard to admit to ourselves. It was in the safety of the circle that I whispered, "I want to share this... I want to share the circle with more women." I am living that dream NOW. Here with you and an international Virtual Women's Retreat!

Why a circle?

When women share with one another, they prosper and manifest bigger and bolder than they could've ever imagined. We sometimes need permission to dare to dream, to say what we really want because we've been told so often who we are "supposed to be." In a circle, we discover hidden treasures of self empowerment and receive collective wisdom from one another. We fall in love with who we truly are and connect with that truth in others. Circles provide a safe and healthy way for women to befriend and support one another.

Why a retreat?

As women, we often create time and space for everyone else, and yet leave little room for ourselves. Circling, as spiritual wellness practice, brings all of our needs and dreams back to center, in focus, and lifts us up to new heights. And a retreat from our daily lives and schedules allows us to stop, reset, and DREAM BIG.

Just as women lift everyone else up, the circle is there to lift you up! It is there to support, nurture, and focus on YOU.

Our biggest and best dreams are needed NOW more than ever. It is time for empowered women to rise and lead!


'Reinvigorate & Reclaim Your Dreams' Virtual Women's Retreat | September 19th Sunday 8AM PST/ 11AM EST/ 4PM BST