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The Art of Circle circles can be described as an interactive, talking meditation where everyone sits in a circle, unplugged from the distractions of the daily world, with agreed-upon intentions of connecting with spirit, one another, and the natural rhythms of the Earth. A talking piece is passed around to signify who is speaking and in turn, the circle listens with the keen interest of learning about their fellow circler.

While the talking piece is passed, a theme emerges and the collective wisdom of the circle becomes apparent. Every circle is different. Every circle is mysterious and magical. Every circle has a life and personality of its own.

Circling is an ancient ritual that stems from many different cultures and is not making a modern comeback in the mindfulness world. Circles are now being used in many classrooms and as part of the social-emotional curriculum.

Circles range anywhere from 3 people and expand to as large as 35-40.

The true beauty of circles is that anyone can join one. You just need to be open toward the experience and ready to explore its benefits.

People from the mindfulness and wellness space are drawn to circles, along with those exploring meditation, self-help, mysticism, ceremony, and sacred gatherings. The Art of Circling has brought transformational circles to schools, corporations, private events, and throughout the health and wellness community. Circles are held as a way to deepen a connection to your authentic self, strengthen the bond of a group or team, and enhance communication and productivity.

If you are not satisfied with your circle experience, you can receive a full refund. The cancellation policy for a paid spot in the circle is refundable with 24-hour notice up to 48 hours prior to the day of the event.

Everyone should dress comfortably and be ready to sit cross-legged on the floor with a cushion. If you require extra support, please let us know and we will happily assist.

No. One of the valuable guidelines in The Art of Circling is “whatever is shared in the circle, stays in the circle.“ This creates a safe container for everyone in the circle to share fully and freely. It is co-created by the participants and is one of the founding principles.

No. Every circle is created to make the participants feel welcomed and at ease. If they don’t feel comfortable sharing, you don’t have to. Participants can share simply by being present and holding space for others in the circle. Sometimes listening is the best medicine and a participant receives exactly what they needed by attending.

No. Everyone who attends a circle, whether it’s their first time or their twenty-first time, says the same thing. “This feels so familiar.” Circling is in our DNA, we have been doing it since the beginning of humankind, when we sat around a fire and shared stories about the hunt.

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